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2020 BOBBY JONES OPEN at the Bobby Jones Golf Club - 2/21/2020
Lukas Euler claimed his first professional win Sunday afternoon at the historic Bobby Jones Golf Club in Sarasota, Florida. The Raleigh, NC resident fired a (-15) three round total of 201 to win by two shots over Korn Ferry Tour member Erik Barnes.


34 Professionals ($22,541.64), 5 Amateurs ($1,615.40) = $24,200.00

33% of 34 professionals = 11.22 (1) players to earn a check2

*Amateur Van Holmgren won $1,100 for finishing T-9. Current USGA regulations allow him to receive a max of $750.  Therefore, the additional $350 was redistributed throughout the purse*

Conditions: Day 1: Overcast & Cold Mist, Played the ball UP. Day 2: Sunny, Cold AM, Played the ball UP. Day 3: Sunny, Played the ball UP.
Total prize money: $24,200


Professionals/Purse Contributors: 39 Players
RankingPlayer Name HometownDay 1Day 2Day 3ScorePrize MoneyPoints
1 Lukas Euler Raleigh, NC676866201$7,030.0070400
2 Erik Barnes Marion, IN696668203$3,330.0033400
T3 Michael Visacki Sarasota, FL716770208$2,000.0020100
T3 Brian Ohr Northbrook, IL686971208$2,000.0020100
T5 Ricardo Celia Barranquilla, COL706970209$1,570.0015800
T5 Jordan Miller Bradenton, FL707168209$1,570.0015800
T7 Charles Merzbacher Chattanooga, TN726871211$1,370.0013800
T7 Blair Bursey Gander, CAN687172211$1,370.0013800
T9 Van Holmgren (am) Plymouth, MN687471213$750.00 (v)7600
T9 Ross Miller Maple Grove, MN697569213$1,130.0011400
T9 Jacob Lehman Guelph, CAN717270213$1,130.0011400
12 Mitch Rutledge Fort Wayne, IN767266214$950.009600
13 Michael Colgate Sarasota, FL746972215$0.00100
T14 Stephen Stallings Louisville, KY737172216$0.00100
T14 Matt Shubley Whitby, CAN757269216$0.00100
T14 Thomas DeMarco LaSalle, CAN737172216$0.00100
T17 Todd Greene Long Island, NY757270217$0.00100
T17 Jared Howard Dublin, OH766774217$0.00100
T17 Beau Titsworth Pittsburgh, PA707374217$0.00100
T20 Noah Kumar (am) Pittsburgh, PA 737273218$0.00100
T20 Kaylor Steger Mount Pleasant, WI757073218$0.00100
T20 Bryce Emory Aurora, IL747470218$0.00100
T20 Mickey Werenski West Palm Beach, FL767171218$0.00100
T24 Nate Choukas Jupiter, FL757470219$0.00100
T24 Samuel Chavez Bradenton, FL806871219$0.00100
T24 Christopher Crawford Bensalem, PA757074219$0.00100
27 Brooks Thomas Chattanooga, TN757372220$0.00100
28 Zach Burry Appleton, WI767471221$0.00100
29 P.J. Malik (am) Cleveland, OH767572223$0.00100
30 John Chaney Cleveland, OH747080224$0.00100
31 Jake Daly Cincinnati, OH787772227$0.00100
32 Blake Jens Madison, WI797575229$0.00100
33 Mason Eckley Maineville, OH777777231$0.00100
34 Wyatt Plattner (am) Sarasota, FL797284235$0.00100
35 Griffin Klein (am) Naples. FL808584249$0.00100
T36 Hudson Carpenter Stillwater, MN7776247DNC$0.00100
T36 Larry O'Brien Sarasota, FL7575250DNC$0.00100
T36 Joseph Gunerman Brooklyn Park, MD72164164DNC$0.00100
T36 J.D. Carrabino Palm Beach Gardens, FL80160160DNC$0.00100
45+ Champions Division: 0 Players

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