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Total Tour Payout Since 2010: $5,097,787
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Sean Mazzola - Player Profile

Tournaments Played = 18
Total Earnings = $0.00

Current Tour Status

  Name: Sean Mazzola  
  Birth Date:  
  Home Club:  
  Home Town: Bonita Springs, FL  
  Residence: FL  
  Country: USA  
  Membership Expires: 2/12/2019  


DateTournamentScoreScoreScoreScorePrize Money Points 
4/16/2018Ritz-Carlton Series 586000$0.000.0000100
4/9/2018Sara Bay Series 280000$0.000.0000100
3/21/2018Tampa Palms Series 281000$0.000.0000100
3/19/2018Ritz-Carlton Series 480000$0.000.0000100
2/19/2018Moccasin Wallow Series82000$0.000.0000100
2/14/20182018 Saint Valentine's Classic838700$0.000.0000100
1/29/2018Winter Haven Series 186000$0.000.0000100
12/13/2017Tampa Palms Series 189000$0.000.0000100
11/20/2017Ritz-Carlton Series 178000$0.000.0000100
11/15/20172017 The NORTH Championship808000$0.000.0000100
11/6/2017Bayou Club Series 84000$0.000.0000100
4/12/20172017 Lee County Championship988100$0.000.0000100
4/10/2017Lakewood Ranch CYPRESS Series88000$0.000.0000100
3/15/2017Tampa Palms Series85000$0.000.0000100
2/27/2017C.C. of Winter Haven Series80000$0.000.0000100
2/20/2017Ritz Carlton Series81000$0.000.0000100
1/23/2017Sara Bay Series81000$0.000.0000100
1/16/2017Ritz-Carlton Series84000$0.000.0000100

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