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Summer Tour Points Race
Current Year Career
1Chris Kennedy$9,18292,417
2Doug Letson$6,72567,650
3Kenny Goodykoontz$5,70057,500
4Joshua Spalding$5,14351,825
5Sonny Michaud$5,12251,718
6Brad Klapprott$3,94739,868
7Simon Walsh$3,91539,547
8Hampton Ballard$3,90839,575
9Yohann Benson$3,80038,100
10David Branshaw$3,70037,200
11Logan Blondell$3,24832,783
12Grant Waite$3,01530,450
13Bryce Wegerle$2,74328,033
14Case Gard$2,58926,492
15Kyle McCarthy$2,26923,088
1Chris Kennedy$14,126143,462
2Travis Hampshire$12,720128,600
3Doug Letson$12,490126,300
4Hampton Ballard$8,96191,812
5Brian Richey$8,21782,767
6Brad Klapprott$7,49676,560
7Spence Fulford$7,33874,883
8Matthew Galloway$7,13973,287
9Logan Blondell$7,13372,233
10Christian Westhrope$7,00070,100
11Sam Osborne$5,92260,624
12Michael Davan$5,83959,590
13Kenny Goodykoontz$5,70057,500
14Joshua Spalding$5,14351,825
15Sonny Michaud$5,12251,718
1Chris Kennedy$50,487518,165
2Joey Lamielle$49,044503,040
3Matthew Galloway$47,881494,314
4Travis Hampshire$45,459463,488
5Brad Klapprott$43,842450,920
6Daniel Stone$38,262390,324
7Hampton Ballard$32,835341,854
8Brian Richey$30,568312,678
9Sam Osborne$30,554315,744
10Robert Gamez$30,406311,255
11Sean Jacklin$29,302301,021
12Seath Lauer$28,873298,625
13Nicholas Lindheim$26,862270,517
14Adam Hogue$25,801265,814
15Daniel Mazziotta$25,325260,953
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Next Tournament
Monday, 08/04/14
Laurel Oak WEST Classic - Summer Tour Week 8
Laurel Oak Country Club
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WFGT Quick Facts
  • Low yearly membership fee ($150)
  • 1,2,3,& 4 day events (365 days a year)
  • An established 13 week Summer Tour
  • 4 walking majors
  • 25+ different courses utilized
  • Amateur/Training division
  • A Performance Center (TRACKMAN)
  • $2 million in prize money since 2010
  • A LOWER risk Tour
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