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2017 SARASOTA OPEN at the The Meadows Country Club - 10/23/2017
Kevin Aylwin used a (-10) 205 week to claim the Sarasota Open and win the first event of the 2017/18 Winter Tour at The Meadows Country Club. Aylwin is also a 2 time WFGT Tour Championship winner.


38 Professionals ($19,153.79),  4 Amateurs ($810.68) Added $($135.00)= $20,100

33% of 38 professionals =  12.54 players to earn a check

Conditions: DAY 1: Overcast & Warm DAY 2: Early Rain, then Sun DAY 3: Sunny, Cool & Windy
Total prize money: $20,100


Professionals/Purse Contributors: 42 Players
RankingPlayer Name Day 1Day 2Day 3ScorePrize MoneyPoints
1Kevin Aylwin676771205$7,000.0070100
2Doug Letson716867206$3,000.0030100
T3Jordan Miller706869207$1,500.0015100
T3Ryan Gildersleeve726570207$1,500.0015100
T5Michael Visacki706870208$896.679067
T5Sean Jacklin736768208$896.679067
T5Adam Hogue706771208$896.679067
T8A.J. Morris687170209$763.337733
T8Cristobal Del Solar696773209$763.337733
T8Taylor Hancock736670209$763.337733
T11Charles Wang706774211$685.006950
T11Daniel Mazziotta726475211$685.006950
T13J.C. Horne677276215$375.003850
T13Josh Kenny677375215$375.003850
T15Diego Velasquez6774100241$0.00100
T15Liam Ainsworth7071100241$0.00100
T15Trey Valentine7170100241$0.00100
T15Pablo Mena Medrano6675100241$0.00100
T15Sebastian Mark7170100241$0.00100
20Tucker Guisewite7271100243$0.00100
21David Morland IV7371100244$0.00100
T22Christian De Greiff7570100245$0.00100
T22Kristopher Saba (am)7471100245$0.00 (v)100
T22James Horton7372100245$0.00100
T25Ryan Mosley7769100246$0.00100
T25Kyle Rodes7967100246$0.00100
27Brandon Cloete7077100247$0.00100
T28Greg Eason7276100248$0.00100
T28George Qian7870100248$0.00100
T28Joey Arcuri7573100248$0.00100
T28Brandon Beckham7672100248$0.00100
T32Jonathan Hewett7970100249$0.00100
T32Mark Cleary7475100249$0.00100
T34Jeffrey Wells7575100250$0.00100
T34Domenico Geminiani7377100250$0.00100
T34Anthony Alex7575100250$0.00100
37Stephen Arnold7774100251$0.00100
38Jace McCarron (am)7478100252$0.00 (v)100
T39Alden Fortner7380100253$0.00100
T39Clark Robinson7776100253$0.00100
T41Antoine Santarelli (am)8476100260$0.00 (v)100
T41Frank Cotrona (am)8179100260$0.00 (v)100
Training Division: 0 Players

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