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Sarasota, FL. The West Florida Golf Tour is pleased to announce its plans for the much anticipated 2014 Summer Tour. The Tour will now offer the top 2 players on the GolferAid Summer Tour Money List a chance to earn a berth at the next level. Much like our Q-School payouts in previous years, the WFGT will be awarding 2 players with $2,500 check to be used for Latinoamerica Qualifying School. It has always been our goal to help our players get to the next level and this is the first step in what will be a regular occurrence on the WFGT.
Current Leaderboard


Summer Tour Points Race
Current Year Career
1Nick Lindheim$14,433145,033
2Kevin Aylwin$8,82388,629
3Seath Lauer$8,33384,333
4Daniel Stone$5,97360,533
5Brad Klapprott$5,62957,088
6Logan Blondell$5,42554,650
7Matthew Galloway$5,24853,183
8Adam Hogue$5,16352,125
9Simon Walsh$4,66547,350
10Sean Jacklin$4,58346,533
11Danny Evelyn$4,46245,117
12David Branshaw$4,27943,592
13Daniel Mazziotta$3,98340,533
14Sam Osborne$3,85038,900
15Travis Hampshire$3,83138,713
1Travis Hampshire$11,175112,854
2Christian Westhrope$7,00070,100
3Brian Richey$6,81768,667
4Matthew Galloway$6,09962,592
5Michael Davan$5,83959,590
6Doug Letson$5,76558,550
7Spence Fulford$5,60057,300
8Sam Osborne$4,92250,324
9Hampton Ballard$4,80949,686
10Chris Kennedy$4,78949,285
11Charlie Delsman$4,16542,050
12John Duthie$4,14041,800
13Jon McDonald$3,89639,558
14Logan Blondell$3,88539,450
15Gyles Robin$3,69737,772
1Joey Lamielle$49,044503,040
2Matthew Galloway$46,842483,619
3Travis Hampshire$43,914447,742
4Chris Kennedy$41,149423,989
5Brad Klapprott$38,895400,952
6Daniel Stone$38,262390,324
7Robert Gamez$30,406311,255
8Sam Osborne$29,554305,444
9Brian Richey$29,168298,578
10Seath Lauer$28,873298,625
11Hampton Ballard$28,683299,729
12Sean Jacklin$28,141289,106
13Adam Hogue$25,263260,232
14Nick Lindheim$24,862250,417
15Brian Ward$24,644258,840
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Monday, 04/21/14
Laurel Oak Country Club
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