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Bayou Club Series at the The Bayou Club - 11/6/2017
Michael Colgate accepts his $800 check from our new Tour Coordinator Bryan Gorman, claiming his first win as a professional and named Bayou Series Champion.


Skins Game ($220.00), 18 Professionals ($3,621.00),  4 Amateurs ($212.00) Added $($1.60)= $2,040.00

33% of 18 professionals =  5.94 players to earn a check

0 amateurs made money on Monday allowing an extra $0 to be divided up and spread equally throughout the purse.


$73 per skin

Taylor Deming, hole 7, birdie

Kyle McGuire, hole 14, birdie

Michael Colgate, hole 15, birdie

Conditions: Sunny, 84 Degrees. Wind 5-10 MPH
Total prize money: $2,040


Professionals/Purse Contributors: 22 Players
RankingPlayer Name HometownScorePrize MoneyPoints
1 Michael Colgate Sarasota, FL70$800.008100
2 Justin Sheehan Tampa, FL71$360.003700
T3 Larry O'Brien Sarasota, FL72$250.002600
T3 Craig Hornberger Lancaster, PA72$250.002600
T5 Josh Kenny Kent, ENG74$190.002000
T5 Charles Wang Bradenton, FL74$190.002000
7 Taylor Deming Franklin, TN75$0.00100
T8 Kristopher Saba (am) Tampa, FL76$0.00100
T8 Bradley Lankler Philadelphia, PA76$0.00100
T10 Matt Olson Seminole, FL77$0.00100
T10 Jonathan Hewett Clacton-on-Sea, ENG77$0.00100
T12 Kaylor Steger Mount Pleasant, WI78$0.00100
T12 Dylan Foster Fort Myers, FL78$0.00100
T14 Kyle McGuire (am) Saint Louis, MO79$0.00100
T14 George Qian Bettendorf, IA79$0.00100
16 Cian Curley Dublin, IRL82$0.00100
17 Brent Quade Madison, WI83$0.00100
18 Sean Mazzola (am) Bonita Springs, FL84$0.00100
19 Will Biestek Middletown, CT87$0.00100
T20 Ryan Kline Kutztown, PA90$0.00100
T20 Craig Meyer (am) Gulfport, FL90$0.00100
22 John Michael Sisinni Olive Branch, MSDNC$0.00100
Training Division: 0 Players

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